The story of where it

All Began

Whatever you dig –

Dig Deep

Here at Dig Deep Brewing we embellish the spirit of the working men and women who shaped and carved the buildings and roads out of this rugged landscape we know as Mountain Maryland. The same is present today by a new generation with one goal: a better Mountain Home. Dig Deep is diving headfirst into what you believe in, love doing, or want to see change around you regardless of what the status quo may be.

Keeping it


Dig Deep Brewing to our tribe is a commitment to use local ingredients, team with local business, and provide a proud product to distribute throughout the country that is a direct representation of our Mountain Maryland. We have already vowed to use as many local products from our tasting room to our beers themselves. We will work with local coffee shops to provide the vital zing to our Morning Mineshaft Stout, farms down the street like Organarchy hops that will provide vital hops for our IPA’s, local honey for our lighter ales, as well as local fruit for our sours and seasonal ales.

Serving Our


We know that bringing opportunity to not our business alone, but those around us are how this area was founded and how it will succeed today. Dig Deep Brewing will employ and train the future of our company right here in Mountain Maryland, giving opportunity and a one of a kind workplace to the local workforce. So we invite you to follow us on this journey to bring a production size brewery to such a special location. So remember this above anything else, Whatever you Dig, Dig Deep.